Set in 2009, Gunwalkers chronicles a string of violence following the U.S. Government’s release of guns to known criminals. After his daughter is murdered in cold blood by a lawless gang, Hank, an everyman, is forced to take matters into his own hands to clean up the streets. But when a crazed gunman opens fire at Hank’s place of work leaving him seriously injured, the fight for justice is gravely imperiled. In a last-ditch effort, Hank enlists a hardened, battle-tested militia to hunt the killers across the unforgiving Sonoran Desert. Written and directed by Addison Sandoval. Starring Bill Kates, Cheyenne Watson, Larry Hopson, Blaine Campbell, Thaddeaus Ek, Jordan Laesch, Isaac Dean, Benjamin Kim, Dimitry Rozental, Edward Headington, Joseph Wiliams, Kara McLaughlin, Ron Sanders, Andrew Vela, Sarah Rebottaro, Dennis Baker, Jennie Floyd.