Listed Chronologically

Untitled Project
In development; plot kept under wraps.
An ace military operative with the ability to intuit past events goes after the crime lord who murders his family.
A LAPD detective and his fiancée relocate to a sleepy east coast college town, but their future is put on hold when a serial killer strikes.
An Oklahoma state detective returns to the county where he once put away a corrupt, vicious sheriff to investigate a missing child case that leads straight back to his old nemesis.
Inspired by the very real Operation Fast and Furious and rooted in a search for truth, a string of violence follows government-sanctioned sales of guns to criminals as one man fights to bring his daughter’s killers to justice.
Live Another Day
In war-torn Nazi Germany, a prisoner kept in solitary confinement fights for survival.
Running Under the Sun
A visceral, coming-of-age story of a young immigrant consigned to forced labor.
Roots in Fields
A policeman reflects on a perilous childhood encounter to prevent a similar offense by a recidivist years later.