– [Woman] What I remember then, I thought to myself, we both are 19, and why should I feel like 100? I will never forget this picture. And I know at a very early age that I wasn’t born into quiet times.

– How hard is it to live another day? When there’s a group of people that want to hide you, who see you as less than human. They strip you of your clothes. They take away your name. They mark you. They rape innocence. They humiliate men. They eliminate emotion. They turn children into the aged. They drill defeat, destruction, leaving only ravage and ruin in their tracks. They take camel hair brushes and paint red a blue skies that you may believe the heavens have fallen.

– I dream a lot. I dream a lot. They’re chasing me all the time. I am hiding all the time. I see some people that will tell you a dream that doesn’t mean anything, but you go to the… I was walking by a river with my family, my father, my mother, my sister, everybody. It was a very beautiful blue river. It was long, very, very nice. And suddenly we heard the noise of an airplane. And, I said they are looking for people. So, it was like a vine and we went underneath. So they won’t see us. And those airplanes, in my dream now, turned to be dogs and the dogs went under the canopy and they saw us, they are going to tell the Germans that we are here. And suddenly, I find myself alone, nobody was there.

– [Woman] But can they really succeed in bankrupting the soul of light?

– I was screaming and telling them, please, hide my mother for a few nights til I can get a paper and then after that I will take her away. No, you are risking the whole family, you are putting everybody in danger, you cannot do that. I said, can’t you people understand that it can’t be anything more awful happening to my mother than it will happen when she goes in there. She will wind up in Auschwitz, she will wind up in a gas chamber. I am crazy, what I am talking about, they are screaming at me and they don’t want her to believe me, and my poor mother was already decided, no, she doesn’t want to. So they went away, they went home, and I will never forget that night with my mother. We were sitting the whole night and talking and I said to mother, believe me, I know what I am talking about. And she said to me, “I am apologizing “for not letting you be a Zionist, “for making you have so much trouble.” Excuse me. She said, “But I was a decent person all my life, “and I can’t picture myself to live “with false purpose, with false identity.” My mother did not look Jewish at all, so it wouldn’t be any hardship to hide her. But she said, “Look, I was an honest person all my life. “I never lied, I never did anything which is unlawful. “I can’t do it. “I will go in, just do me a favor. “You run away. “But let them know where you are “if I come back so that I shall be able to find you.”

– [Woman] They cover your eyes. They tell you the world does not exist. They pillage your space of all memory of youth and replace it with the tragedy of despair.

– And then, in no time, the newspapers, the front page of the newspapers were full with new regulations and racist laws for the Jews. First of all, Jews cannot own any businesses, they had to give it up, and just like that, somebody would walk into their business and take over.

– Come to the ghetto, you know. I remember them, before they took us away, they were all over on the roofs with machine guns and checked everyone. If somebody tried to run away, whatever, right away they killed them. Then I saw the first time the German soldiers.

– They tell you, right is might and might is right. The night is day and day is away. The maligned juvenescence that once reigned, it beckons you from within the crevices of concrete or steel. In youth lies hope, in hope light. Only when you surrender that do you surrender your soul. The white flag is one we cannot be ingrained to wave. What is this? What is this that has taken over? That free spirit that once thrived remains untaken because how could it be taken? This, this furious force of inside, it was never meant to be taken, it was designed to endure as only the soul of people of purpose can. To be bold and resolute under the clouds of bleak winter and the sight of dismembered bodies, of illness, of starvation, to stand to death and say, “I won’t be consumed.” The fiery furnace that awaits, it hears your deafening roar. You won’t go. You form a bond. You sever solemn steel to become the face of a hope that breathes boldly as the darkness rages to consume. Never forsaken is that look in your eyes, whose bearer walked so proudly and never lowered her gaze so that as he marched with an army behind him, that his fear would not be exposed by your strength, which knew no bounds. You walked out and were reborn. How hard is it to live another day? The answer is before your eyes.